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KTQ International

05.04.2024 | New Hospitals (Tbilisi, Georgia)

New Hospitals receives KTQ International accreditation

New Hospitals receives KTQ international accreditation - New Hospitals erhält KTQ International Zertifikat

New Hospitals has received international accreditation and a quality management certificate for compliance with German medical processes and patient safety standards.

The German auditors of the German audit organization "Kooperation für Transparenz und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen" visited New Hospitals for monitoring purposes and, together with the clinic's administrative and medical staff, conducted the evaluation process. The representatives of the organization evaluated the clinic's quality management according to various KTQ criteria, such as patient and staff orientation, safety and clinical risk management, information and communication, and management and quality management, which is an essential factor for healthcare facilities.

The organization's director, Ronald Neubauer, commended New Hospitals on all areas of the audit and noted the critical role of providing high-quality services in the medical field. Receiving this accreditation affirms that New Hospitals' medical and administrative staff cares about providing quality healthcare services to patients.

New Hospitals is a multidisciplinary clinic built per European standards, which has provided high-quality inpatient and outpatient services to patients since 2011. The clinic serves Georgian and foreign patients from many countries and receives medical services daily. Since its establishment, New Hospitals has provided medical care to hundreds of thousands of people - up to 240,000 inpatient and 1,500,000 outpatient services have been performed.

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